Sustainability to the core

Built around HS Orka's geothermal power plants, the Resource Park is a leading cluster for green and sustainable businessses. A unique opportunity to leverage your business with responsible utilization and minimum waste

power plant in countryside

Walking the talk

Ideally located on the Reykjanes peninsula between the international airport and the capital Reykjavík. The Resource Park is an unrivalled center for sustainable R&D, production and business. Developed around HS Orka's historical power plants, the Resource Park offers multiple streams from the geothermal resource, it marks the ground for circular economy and the future

1. Multiple plots of varying sizes available for long term lease
2. Access to repurposed and sustainable resource streams
3. Green certified energy available on long term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

The Resource Park can provide you with the following resources


  • Electricity

  • Hot Water

  • Cold Water

  • CO

  • Steam

  • Lava Filtered Sea Water

  • Geothermal Water

The Iceland Advantage

Iceland offers advanced business environment within the European Economic Area, with green energy and one of the highest education levels in the world. Bringing your business to Iceland is a great idea!

  • 59261 USD

    GDP per capita

  • 366425


  • 100 %

    Renewable Energy Generation