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Why the Resource Park

The Resource Park has one of a kind offering in Iceland, a one stop shop for energy, infrastructure and resources. 

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The Resource Park is providing companies with the following resources


Geothermal Water
Hot Water
Cold Water
Lava Filtered Sea Water

Stolt Sea Farm started development at the Resource Park in 2012, as it gave the ideal conditions to farm high quality sole, in sustainable and environmentally respectful production systems by supplying us with green power and warm ocean water from their Reykjanes power plant. Also, being positioned between two continents makes it possible to introduce production into two large markets with the benefits this gives which makes the Resource Park great place for investment.”

Director of Stolt Sea Farm

James Hall


Green Certified Power

The Resource park offers green certified power to industries at a competitive price. We offer long term PPA so we offer our customers long term price visibility. 

Prime locations

We offer greenfield sites in a prime location in Iceland. Currently we have 50 ha of industrial territory available with potential to direct connections to power plant and multiple resource streams.

  • Multiple planned plots of varying sizes available for long term lease

  • The plots are in a prime location in Iceland, 30 km from the Capital area and 22 km from the airport

Our locations

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We offer planned greenfield sites in prime locations. Access to renewable energy, effluents from our power plants and other untapped potential resources for your business.

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Be a part of the future

If you are looking for an opportunity to leverage your business with responsible utilization, minimum waste and circular economy, the Resource Park may be the right place for your business.